New (purple) quad frame

Saturday i had an accident with my quad: a motor stopped in mid air turning the quad into some sort of comet that broke in the ground breaking 3 motor mounts and 3 props and slightly bending the frame.

So it was time to transfer all the motors and elctronics to the new frame, i built some days ago just to test my new proxxon drill stand 🙂

This time I made a slightly larger central frame’s plates measuring 100x100mm and switched to a X configuration. The arms are, like I did  before, made from 10x10mm aluminum square tube but it’s a little larger than the previous one: motor to motor distance is now 400mm.

Following are some pictures taken in the various building stages, while milling the center frame plates from a 1.5mm thick glass fiber/epoxy plate and while assembling and wiring the arms to the central plates.

Quad. Umbreakable (almost:)) edition

After a few crashes with the carbon fiber arms version, i rebuild the quad from scratch using the following components for the frame:

  • 2x 1.5mm Glass fiber 70×70 center plates
  • Alu arms, 160mm lenght 10x10mm
  • T-Rex (don’t rememeber which one…) langing gear with 5mm glass fiber extra lenght skids (the original skids died shortly after being installed:) )
  • Little plastic squared box on top containing cpu board, sensors and receiver. The electronic is dampened using four self made silicone rubber dampeners

The arms are tied together between the two center plates using m3 bolt and screws.

As you can see from the pictures, one of the motor was slightly modded: one of the wires was broken, so i rewound the motor and soldered the tiny wires to a tiny pcb board glued using epoxy to the mounting shaft. The connection are then made from this little pcb board so that there is no possibilities to break again the motor wires.