New landing gear prototype

Here is the first attempt for my new landing gear:
This is in it’s working position.

It is build of two U-shaped aluminium pieces that holds in place the and forms the pivoting system for the landing gear arms.


Two linear springs made of stainless steel holds the arms in place when in working position.


The arms are pivoted using a cilindrical nylon piece with the necessary holes in it.


here you can see how the spring hold it together when in working position.


hHere the two metal springs are removed so you can easily put the quad in you trunk without risk to break anything:


Updates to the big Quad/2

Here are some updated pictures of the finished quad.

I did some little modification like the bottom plate now attached straight under the arms, and the motors were wound as 10turn Delta instead of Y because the previous configuration had too low maximum thrust. now its perfect.

here is some picture.

Updates to the big Quad

I decided to change motor/esc and completely review my quad.

The new motor are self wound 2212 motor from Giantcod wired with 10 turn Y delta(y connection revealed too low kv for 10×4.5 or 10×6 and 3s and delta was exaclty the needed configuration) connected 0.45mm wire. It will use 10×4.5 EPP or 10×6 GWS dd propellers. it will use 15-18 SS Esc from Hobbyking.

This quad will be mainly used for fpv and to carry some light compact camera. This will be the airframe to be powered with a future ARM based flight control but now is powered by Multiwii flight control software on an arduino based boad..

The old hxt2730 motors and 12A blueseries ESCs are now powering a little quad weighting almost 340gr with 2S1000 lipo.