Mini VTail quad

Hi guys.
I have problem with my bigger quad (one esc does weird things raising throttle) so i cannot fly for now.
So It was time (while waiting for my holidays) to finish a mini vtail quad I had in mind for a lot of time.
I is basically built around some 4mm carbon fiber tubing and some kite rubber joints.
I used a 4mm kit and a 6mm kit. The 6mm provied the joint used to hold the four motors while the 4mm was used for the remaining joints used to build the structure.

Here is the base frame composed of carbon tubing and a little glass fiber rectangle.
The rectangle was epox’ed to the tubes after it was tied using some  wire. In the rectangle there are four rows of holes used to let the wire passing through it.

Here is better shown how it is tied.

After the base frame was ready I started to put the electronic on it. Here there are two escs, a simple ditribution board and the CopterControl that will power the Vquad.

In this pictures it is almost complete. all the wirings were done and all is ready for testing motors.

Here is another pictures with propellers. all is wired  (There is also the Bluetooth module i used to configure the CopterControl and test motors  without the need for the usb cable)

Now the last  missing piece is the adapter (a simple 3.3V power regulator) needed to attach a Spektrum satellite receiver to the CopterControl. I hope to finish it tomorrow to be able to do  some flying tests with the newborn VQuad 😉


I forgot to put the specs of the quad as is now:

Motors: 4 hxt 2730 rewound as 10turns wye for the two in front (with gws 8×4 propellers) and 10turns delta for the two rear motors (with 5.5×4.5 APC propellers)

ESC: 4 12A hobbyking blueseries

Tubing is 4mm carbon fiber tube (used for kites)

Joints are from 4mm and 6mm kite joint kits

Battery is a 2s 1000mah 25c Turnigy nanotech

Orange Sat Receiver for Spektrum

The weight is a little less than 300gr with battery.


Update: Here is a video of the first test done:

4 thoughts on “Mini VTail quad

  1. Hi
    I am impressed that you made your own CC board I am hoping to do the same as I want to use different gyros.
    Is there any advise that you can give on creating the board from scratch?

    Denny Rowland

  2. HI Denny, I had the board done by the fantastic
    I used the same gerber files as in OpenPilot GIT.
    Are you interested in recreating the whole board or simply assembly a new one?
    If you are developing your own board I can suggest you to add another 3.3V regulator and a solder jumper to be able to select 3.3V or unregulated 5V for the two flexyports so you can connect directly Bluetooth dongles and spektrum satellites without an external adapter/regulator.

  3. A very nice looking little project.
    Hope to see some flight footage at some stage.
    I noticed you have the motors facing outwards, have you had any issues with crossing the prop wash?

    1. Hi Nathan,
      I had little time to work on it recently. There are some vibration problem to solve, but i was able to take off to do some little test.
      Here is an early video of the first test:

      After some tests the prop where inverted to reduce the interferences with the hi speed air flux, to somewhat improve efficiency (expecially true given the small size of the rear propellers).
      I think that I’ll have to do some modification to the frame to reduce vibrations.

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