This project started a few years ago as a learning platform for ROS and robotic in general.


In its current configuration it uses four gearmotors for its locomotion using the UNAV32 prototype. Currently it handles feedback (encoders) on two motors only, the other two (identical) motors are simply wired in parallel. Not exactly optimal, this will be handled in future with an additional board, as soon as firmware and hardware are in a more reliable status than MVP.

On the sensor side it uses a RP Lidar A1M8 and an old RealSense R200, everything connected to a Jetson Nano running from an external USB3 SSD.


Teleop is handled using a bluetooth PS4 joypad as input device using DS4DRV

ROS workspace

The current (not totally updated as its a perpetual work in progress) ROS workspace is available here.


Below a simple test after installing the four new motors and the unav32 prototype.

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