“Padre Balistico” a (hopefully) fast line follower robot

Spending time with the guys at Officine Robotiche (a huge thank to Stefano Artigianato Robotico),  i’ve discovered the world of line followers. Apparently simple robots whose ultimate goal is to, guess what, follow a line 🙂 This simple task involves several issues: reading sensors to determine the line displacement; employing a control algorithm to determine the movement vector; motor control; several […]

Foldable quad for ROS integration experiments

I’m shortly going to work integrating the OpenPilot telemetry with ROS. Main (long term) focus is indoor positioning and navigation. This is a quick mockup of the craft that will be used. Plates are going to be rebuilt to better host everything   The reference platform  is made by OpenPilot Revolution flight controller; OpenPilot GPSV9 with […]

Mini VTail quad/2 (aka SgorbioVolante 2.0)

A little update: I was unable to get rid of vibrations given the softness of the frame, so i decided to rebuild the copter using some spares I had at hand. Here the result, more details soon:)   update: here is a video of one of the first flights:   http://youtu.be/ZoO-wHts3Y0