Quad. Umbreakable (almost:)) edition

After a few crashes with the carbon fiber arms version, i rebuild the quad from scratch using the following components for the frame: 2x 1.5mm Glass fiber 70×70 center plates Alu arms, 160mm lenght 10x10mm T-Rex (don’t rememeber which one…) langing gear with 5mm glass fiber extra lenght skids (the original skids died shortly after […]

First integration tests for NanoQuad

Yesterday i finished the controller board prototype for the new NanoQuad i’m building. the board measures 60x18mm (it is a lqfp48 proto board i bought from dipmicro.com) It contains: AVR ATMega328 a max682 to raise the single lipo (4V to 3V) supply to 5V; 4 SI2304 N Mosfet used to power the brushed motors; In […]