Bluetooth serial connection

I was waiting for my props (they had an odyssey thanks to Poste Italiane, a long story worth a whole post…), than i saw an old bluetooth GPS, useless nowadays.

Than i ripped apart the GPS(hopefully it will be used in the quad someday), modded a little and attached to the Quad Arduino.

I only had to change the MultiWii firmware to slow down serial speed to 32800 (I haven’t found documentation of the module to change the speed).

In some days i should receive a new module bought from Ebay( Sure Electronic) that’s able to support 115200, that i will integrate into the main board.

Now I can use the MultiWII interface for short range remote telemetry on the quad, very useful for setup the PID.

here is the pic:

New Quadricopter

In this post i’ll show the new version of the quadricopter I’m building.

It’s based on the excellent work shown here MultiWiiCopter (previously TriWiiCopter)

The copter is based on

  • 4x HXM2730-1300 24gm brushless outrunners from hobbyking;
  • 4x Hobbyking blueseries 12A ESC (please, do yourself a big favor: BUY THE PROGRAMMING CARD, unfortunately in my case it was in backorder so I became crazy with strange and unfinishing beep sequences);
  • 2200mAh 3S 20C lipo (lesson learned: it is a lot better to use a lighter lipo, it weights slightly more than 180gm);
  • Arduino nano clone (dfrduino);
  • Spectrum AR6100 clone 6ch receiver;
  • WiiMotion+ clone (one with IDG gyro, performance wise very close to the original one);
  • self made breadboarded pcb to contain all the electronic stuff;

Actual frame is built with 4 12x2mm Carbon fiber arms, joint in the middle with a 70x70x4mm birch wood multistrate plate.

it has a dry weight (without battery) of around 350gm with props installed.

Previously the frame was a cross made from 8x8mm Alu U profile. No need to say that after a long list of crashes (this was the first flying thing I flew) at the end it gived up.

Some picture of the new and one of the old one: