Creating Docker images for Jetson Nano on your desktop

In this article I will show the workflow I'm using to be able to build Docker containers to be deployed on a Jetson Nano using my desktop machine. Rationale For some time I was looking at a simple, repeatable solution to deploy my ROS robot software on clean Jetson Nano/Jetpack installation. Wishing to use CUDA … Continue reading Creating Docker images for Jetson Nano on your desktop

NVidia JetRacer

Introduction Some days ago I started this adventure with JetRacer.There were a few things that I didn't particularly like from the original design, mainly the fact that Jetson is powered from a USB powerbank (with the additional disadvantages of carrying a lot more weight, having to think about an additional battery and limiting the Jetson … Continue reading NVidia JetRacer

“Padre Balistico” a (hopefully) fast line follower robot

Spending time with the guys at Officine Robotiche (a huge thank to Stefano Artigianato Robotico),  i've discovered the world of line followers. Apparently simple robots whose ultimate goal is to, guess what, follow a line 🙂 This simple task involves several issues: reading sensors to determine the line displacement; employing a control algorithm to determine the movement vector; motor control; several … Continue reading “Padre Balistico” a (hopefully) fast line follower robot